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Expert Deck Cleaning Services

As a homeowner, it’s important to make sure that the exterior of your home looks just as good as the interior. This is especially true for your deck, which is arguably the most visible outdoor living space you own. But without the right equipment on hand, that can be a little tough to do. That’s where Clean Freak Pressure Washing, LLC comes in.


We understand that you might not have the time or the equipment to get your outdoor living spaces looking as clean as you want them. Fortunately, we are here to help you with expert deck cleaning services. You can say goodbye to your dingy-looking deck and reveal its true beauty with help from our team of power washing professionals.

Why Is Deck Cleaning Important?

You might be wondering why you should worry about cleaning your deck. That’s okay! Not everyone has the knowledge they need to understand why deck cleaning is so important. That’s why we’re here. Deck cleaning on a regular basis is important for a few different reasons.

Property Value

The first and most financially important reason to have your deck professionally cleaned is property value. Whether your deck is sitting on residential or commercial property, cleaning it and keeping up with regular maintenance is going to mean your property retains more value over time. A dirty deck that’s falling apart presents a financial burden on the next potential owner of the property. If you want to get a good ROI when it comes time to sell, make sure your deck is getting professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Health and Safety

Poorly maintained decks also present a health and safety hazard. When a deck isn’t washed properly, it can become a breeding ground for rot, mold, and mildew. Mold and mildew present respiratory health hazards and could even trigger allergic reactions. Rotting wood planks are also a big issue. When rot eats away at the wood on your deck, it’s possible for the planks to become soft. If someone steps on a rotting plank and falls, they could be seriously injured.

Preventative Measures

Your deck doesn’t need to be filthy or falling apart in order for you to invest in professional deck cleaning services. In fact, deck cleaning is part of a good preventative maintenance schedule. Regular professional cleanings could help you avoid rot, mold, mildew, and other issues your deck may face. Cleaning your deck also ensures other preventative measures, like sealing or staining, will have much better results.

Deck Lifespan

Increasing the lifespan of your deck really can be as simple as investing in a great power washing service. The mildew and rot that could inhabit your deck are not only safety issues, but they can also detract from your deck’s overall lifespan. Investing in regular maintenance services for your deck can help you ensure that you can enjoy it for many more years to come. Whether you’re working with a residential property or a commercial property, more years out of your deck means more value for your property. 

Why Trust Clean Freak Pressure Washing With Your Deck?

We’ve gone over a few good reasons to have your deck professionally cleaned, but why should you trust Clean Freak Pressure Washing with the job?


At Clean Freak Pressure Washing, we know what it’s like to be a freak about cleaning. That’s why this company was founded! But cleaning outdoor spaces like decks can be a challenge. Hiring a power washing company that is quality and safety certified by both OSHA and Power Washers of North America can make all the difference in the world when it comes to deck cleaning results.


When you work with Clean Freak Pressure Washing, you’re investing in high-quality results from a company that cares about your outdoor living spaces. Let us help you create the clean outdoor living space of your dreams. Don’t hesitate to call today if you’re ready to invest in a professional deck cleaning.

Check Out Our Deck Cleaning Results


Still not convinced Clean Freak Pressure Washing is the deck cleaning company for you? You don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at some of our deck cleaning results in the photos below.


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